Five Nights at Freddy's Profile

Step 01.
hon I am PM friendly. I am never IC when in PM's so there's no need for brackets. If you wish to RP, just drop a post.

Step 02.
hon If you're into drama, I'm not. I'll simply walk away. This isn't highschool, nor are you the popular girl/boy/it.

Step 03.
hon IC is not OOC. If you're going to blur the lines, please respect my decision when I say "I can't do this anymore."

Step 04.
hon Me and you are not in a relationship if our characters are. I'm not looking, and I'm pretty sure you're not either. Let's respect that.

Step 05.
hon I do not T1 fight well. Most likely you will never see Viktoria in a real fight. Bonking someone upside the head isn't fighting.

Step 06.
hon Five Nights at Freddy's is not my idea or game. But the character Viktoria is. So is my story for her. Do not steal.

Step 07.
hon This is a Failurecode profile. If you want one, go ask.

Viktoria honhonhonhonhonA. Artemova first honhonhonhonhonhonnhomiddle last 28 honhonhonhonhonhonFemale Single age honhonhonhonhonhonnhogender marital S. Officer, Repairs honhonFazbear Entertainment 8 years occupation honhonhonhonnhoemployer years worked Senior Officer honhonhonN/A N/A rank honhonhonhonhonhonnhoPartner Trainee Medium honhonhonhonhon5'6" 145lbs size honhonhonhonhonhonnhoheight weight Blue-Gray honhonhonhonMouse-brown Caucasian eye color honhonhonhonhonhohair color ethnicity ------------ honhonhon#-- --- address honhonhonhonhonnhoApt. No city ------ honhonhonhonhon----- (###)###-#### state honhonhonhonhonhonhozip code primary phone Viktoria is known to have a scar along the left wrist, several over her arms from years of working with the animatronics. She is almost always found at work. She is rather good on trainees when she gets them, though many do not stay. Viktoria currently works almost 18 Hours a day, if not a little more. Plus holidays and weekends as required.
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