nameMega Man X
AliasMaverick Hunter X
Years15 AI at creation; matured
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue in certain lights; green in others
OccupationMaverick Hunter

Mega Man is known to be a factual, serious and stoic man. He's also kind hearted and honorable. These traits make him strong in mind and body. dunno deth. pick a better personality quote here pls.
• IC=/=OOC
• I am not my character. While I'll be doing my best to remain as true to him as I can, I'm probably not going to be what you expect. Don't like it? Don't rp with me.
• PM Semi-Friendly. Can't guarantee that I'll want to talk or rp, but I can at least be respectful if approached with the same courtesy.
• Not really seeking OOC friendships or relationships or anything of the sort. This is just to entertain myself and whoever else I rp with, but I don't really want outside contact.
• Have a problem with me? Come talk to me directly instead of talking shit behind my back. I'm not about that petty drama bullshit.
• Third Person RP Only. Must be at least mostly literate. Typically Para length.
• Don't godmod. If it comes down to that, it'll be ignored. Plain and simple.
• Not really a smut profile. If, for some reason, you wish to, it absolutely must be earned. Otherwise, there will be no mood for it.
• This profile was coded by Failurecodes. Please do not steal since I killed love her for doing this code for me. :D
Shotgun Ice

Electric Spark

Rolling Shield

Homing Torpedo

Boomerang Cutter

Chameleon Sting

Storm Torpedo

Fire Wave
Sonic Slicer

Strike Chain

Spin Wheel

Bubble Splash

Speed Burner

Silk Shot

Magnet Mine

Crystal Hunter
Acid Burst

Tornado Fang

Triad Thunder

Spinning Blade

Ray Splasher

Gravity Well

Parasitic Bomb

Frost Shield
Lightning Web

Soul Body

Aiming Laser

Double Cyclone

Rising Fire

Frost Tower

Ground Hunter

Twin Slasher

Goo Shaver

Tri Thunder

Firefly Laser

Dark Hold

Wing Spiral

Ground Fire

Spike Ball

Yammar Option

Ground Dash

Magma Blade

Ice Burst

Meteor Rain

Metal Anchor

Guard Shell

Ray Arrow
Volt Tornado
Create an electrified spiral that rolls forward after a few seconds. This weapons horizontal range makes it effective for clearing out groups of enemies. X's charged version surrounds him in a special electric field. It generates Life Energy when contact with enemies.

Splash Water
It is a beam of water; charged up, it's a spray of super-powerful bubbles. Uncharged shots are subject to gravity though each subsequent shot has a higher velocity and thus a longer arc, topping out at the third shot before resetting.

Circle Blaze
It shoots a flame that explodes after a short time. When X charges it up, he releases an even more powerful shot which causes a much heavier explosion.

Moving Wheel
Fired normally, one spiked wheel is released that travels along the ground over obstacles, up walls and through any enemy it hits. Only one wheel can be in the area at a time. Charged up, X can fire three wheels at once. One wheel travels along the ground normally, with the other two bouncing along with it in a high arc

Sniper Missile
When equipped, X launches a homing missile that curves towards the closest enemy. The missile can pass through enemies, damaging any in its path until it hits an environmental obstacle. Fired normally, only one Sniper Missile can be in the area at a time. When X charges this weapon, he fires off three homing missiles at once.

Wind Cutter
When equipped, X fires an air-element boomerang that homes in on the nearest enemy. The Wind Cutter will return to him if it doesn't hit an enemy or if it strikes an enemy without destroying it. It will not return if it makes contact with an environmental obstacle, but whether it returns or not weapon energy is still consumed. Fired normally, only one Wind Cutter can be used at a time. When X charges this weapon, he fires eight projectiles in eight directions around himself that home in on enemies.

It generates a powerful, but short ranged, slow-moving burst of energy. When X charges it up, he can unleash blasts in all four compass directions, as well as straight up.

Gaia Shield
X receives a stone shield to block enemy shots. When X charges it up he creates a large boulder which splits in half and shoots off in opposite directions.

Green Spinner
It sends out a greenish bamboo-rocket which goes through enemies, breaking their defense, and explodes with large damage when it contacts with terrain. The rocket grows bigger as it travels over a few seconds. The blast radius gets bigger depending on how much the rocket traveled. Only one rocket can be in the area at a time. Charged up, it sends one rocket upward that then sends four missiles downward that explode on the ground.

Shining Ray
It shoots out a ray that almost acts like fireworks. Charged up, it sends out four exploding shots.

Shadow Runner
It is a shadowy boomerang that leaves a dark blue trail that hunts down and spirals around enemies. If there are no enemies present, the weapon merely spirals around X's body and returns inside his body in a puff of black smoke. When X charges up Shadow Runner, he will shoot out five black boomerangs.

Squeeze Bomb
It sends out a slow-moving orb that creates an expanding vortex, damaging enemies in its path. When charged, it creates a vortex that fills a wide area and cancels enemy projectiles.

Crystal Wall
As its name implies, it makes a crystal wall appear. It can be used to crush enemies by knocking it onto them, and in some ways it can be used as a shield. Charged up, X will create an even larger crystal wall, and this one also has a healing item in it, obtainable after knocking the wall down.

Thunder Dancer
It's a short range, yet strong, bolt of electricity, whose range gets extended to reach any nearby enemy. Once one enemy is hit, the bolt may connect to another nearby enemy, making it useful to fight several enemies at once. Its charged up version is still short range, but it sends out three bolts consecutively. This weapon also holds a rapid fire capability similar to the X-Buster, making its repeated use a good strategy against a large amount of enemies.

Drift Diamond
It sends out two snowflakes in 45 degree angles. Charged up, snowflakes surround X and freeze any enemy that comes in contact.

Melt Creeper
It sends a wave of flames on the ground that can severely damage most enemies. When charged up, it sends flames both in front of and behind X.