Open your mouth and say 'ah'.
name Mana Itou
years 24
alias Marshmallow Pocky
gender Female
height 5'3"
weight 130lbs
Fluff Cream/white
eyes Stormy Gray
sexual Open
marital Single
Occupation College (Doctor Profession), Cashier (part-time job)
Nationality ---
Specimen Sheepoid
Familia MIA

The Hanging Tree

The Curse
h When Mana was first born, she immediately was noted different by the changes to her body: ears and a tail that was a close cry for a sheep. As she grew up, the horns did show themselves, though at first it was just little bumps on either side of her head of sleek, coffee-colored bone. Her adoptive mother offered multiple times to file it down, to better hide it under hair that had a creamy texture that matched the velvet on her ears. The thick cloud that generally sits on her body as an adult did not formulate until she was nineteen. It was thought this was the furthest extent of the Itou curse.
ho When she was about thirteen or fourteen, one of the few friends she had in school got beaten up after school let out. The people who had done it left laughing, but when she found him. It took several minutes of crying and thumping at his chest before instinct drove her. A kiss to the lips that left a strange sensation on her spine. The moment the kiss broke, she fell onto her back in a seizure. The boy managed to keep her from cracking her skull or biting off her own tongue, but the Itou curse manifested itself another way. A gift of healing, at the risk of seizures that vary in severity. Mana often gives the off-handed comment of not living long, as a way to deal with her own fate by this familial issue.

Healer's Breath
h This is the ability that manifested at a young age. From minor scrapes to serious, non-fatal wounds. However, the drawback to being able to breathe fresh enzymes and energy for cellular regeneration is seizures that vary on how long such goes for, as longer kisses equate to more energy being expunged from her and more severe seizures. Occasionally she gets them still, though these are light and helped with medication. Funnily enough, flashing lights do not cause the seizures.

Medical Knowledge
h One more obscure ability is her knowledge of medical field in general. She's currently going through med-school and is known as a prodigy already. She has a vast knowledge stored away in her mind. It makes her valuable to anyone, for she can do surgeries or simple stitches. Some right on the spot in a battlefield, if needed. She is battle-ready.
Heal the Wounds now...

Once Upon a Time...
h There was a woman that left the Itou family for a human husband. He was a businessman and often was off touring. But they were a content couple for a time, and soon expecting a child, very unexpected. She had been under the impression because of her curse, she'd never conceive -- hers was of horrible migraines that happened whenever she generated lightning. Powerful, yet crippling. During one of his longer travels, the woman had made friends with someone that quickly became the god-mother. A trusted person, and someone that she told her life-story to, like any girl would to her best friend. It was best that she did, because while in the hospital, she was having complications. The father could not be reached, for he had just gotten into a terrible, terrible plane accident that took his life. And, so quickly the Itou woman perished as well in Childbirth.

What an adorable thing! The god-mother had told the doctors, who were thoroughly spooked by the fact that the baby had not human ears, but ones that a sheep would have, along with a tail, that she will take her. It was ghastly to them, she was found to be loved by her god-mother turned mother. It was a silent though bully-filled life, until she was thirteen. Then it became a dangerous life, because her curse had kicked in full force. Now, however, that she was twenty four, she had given up trying to find her family since they had all disappeared. Since they all vanished, she devoted more of her studying to her medical classes to become a doctor.