name Alaris
alias Fanatica, Sun's Daughter
racial Sun Fragment (Usually confused for elf)
species Humanoid -- elemental?
gender Feminine
years Unknown -- looks 22

eyes Gold as the sun
hair Crimson, prismatic lock of hair running down her back
height 5'3"
weight 142lbs
orient Confuse-sexual
marital Single
notables A sun-shaped burn mark on the shoulder

elemental Light (weakest at night)
servant(s) none
residential Wandering
occupational Roaming Chef

Alaris is considered a 'summer child' due to her innocence in many things. There are a few things she does know:
Jealousy, distaste, lonliness.
All emotions that humans feel. Over the course of time, all but one lock of her hair is a deep crimson color, showing her humanity. She still retains happiness and a shy personality.
x1 Midnight Blue Cloak w/ Gold Embroidering
x1 Crystal Sword Hilt
x1 Reading Glasses
x1 Satchel(up to 50lbs)
x1 Black Dress
x1 Black Knee-length Robe
Prismatic Bending
hon Alaris's well known ability is to be able to create fields of grasses and flowers or small animals by bending the light that is available around her. To be able to solidify an object, it takes the light out of the air, dimming the source (mostly candles, fireplaces, et cetera) significantly. But the object will always keep a light within, making it an effective night-light.

Energy Boost
hon This is an ability that takes from Alaris's own strength. To be able to help an ally or a comrade, all she has to do is lay hands on either side of the target's face and kiss their forehead. Her eyes flare brighter and lips glow when she uses this ability; the area that absorbs the energy momentarily gets a golden lip-mark, soon fading and leaving the target invigorated.

Sun's Daughter
hon Now this encompasses what she is fully. During the day, she is at her strongest. From the first rays of dawn to the last glimmers of light at dusk, her strength grows. At True Midday when the sun is at the highest, if she is not wearing the cloak, it might be possible to see what she looks like underneath the facade that she is seen with normally; at the possible cost of one's sight (It's basically like looking into the sun). But because of her affiliation and closeness to the Sun and Light alike, she is very vulnerable at Night and to Darkness.
hon This also allows her to absorb energy from the sun, much like a plant is able to. But while doing this, it is most likely you would find her napping.

Rising Chef
hon She's very capable of cooking. Call it a natural talent that she found when she began cooking with the help of people who walked with her before. She has a large collection of recipes in her mind at this point in time.

Strength and Agility
hon One would expect her to be faster than normal, but no one could predict that she is capable of lifting objects heavier than she up to seven hundred pounds. This is dependant on the time of day; she is weakest at night.

Speed of Light
hon She can open rifts through rays of light and walk through them. After doing such though, it leaves her tired and weak for a little while, unless she recharges in the light. This ability is barred completely at night.
Twinkle, twinkle little star,
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Like a Diamond in the sky!
hon I am not a T1 Fighter mostly. Actually, even Alaris is not. She is considered to be more of a support class despite being able to handle a weapon (not so proficiently, may I add). Please no godmodding and likewise I will return such a favor.

When the blazing Sun is gone...
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When the nothing shines upon.
hon Alaris is strictly a no-smut profile unless with her lover. Even then that would take a great amount of story-bound coaxing to do, considering her hesitance, shyness and distrust of humans naturally.

Then you show your little Light
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