D e e r M o t h e r o f t h e E a r t h

name Gaea
alias Mother Earth, Deer Mama
gender Considered Female
species Primordial
racial 'Deer-thing'

sexual Meh
marital Meh meh
height 5'0" [5'7" w/ antlers]
weight 150lbs [it's the antlers]
hair/fur Doe Brown/Darker Gray-Brown
eyes/aura Deep Purples

occupation Mother of the Planet
residence Everywhere, Nowhere
mentality Sane
elements Earth, air, water, (little) fire
weapons Antler of the Great Buck
She is relatively spritely and bouncey. Gaea doesn't really have the capacity to stay still long considering that she can hear everything. From the shifting of sediment and gravel underneath her feet by worms and organisms to the whispering speech of the trees. When one can find her settled down, she would be all but paying attention. With open eyes but a blankness in them, this is how she rests -- by listening to the world she's created.
Vine Brawl
Gaea can make vines grow out of the ground and wrap around someone to either constrict or add damage onto. This is her preferred method, since it allows her to run away.

more abilities to be added as she uses them; often not found in fighting.
name name name
Is it winter again, is it cold again,
didn’t Frank just slip on the ice,
didn’t he heal, weren’t the spring seeds planted
didn’t the night end,

name name name
didn’t the melting ice
flood the narrow gutters
wasn’t my body
rescued, wasn’t it safe
didn’t the scar form, invisible
above the injury
terror and cold,

name name name
didn’t they just end, wasn’t the back garden
harrowed and planted —
I remember how the earth felt, red and dense,
in stiff rows, weren’t the seeds planted,

name name name
didn’t vines climb the south wall
I can’t hear your voice
for the wind’s cries, whistling over the bare ground
I no longer care
what sound it makes

name name name
when was I silenced, when did it first seem
pointless to describe that sound
what it sounds like can’t change what it is —

name name name
didn’t the night end, wasn’t the earth
safe when it was planted
didn’t we plant the seeds,
weren’t we necessary to the earth,
the vines, were they harvested?

I will have something here eventually
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They have wished a bird would fly away,
Yes, I love talking to people. Just be prepared to deal with me OOCly almost automatically without brackets. I tend to view PM's as a OOC-friendly area.

And not sing by their house all day;
Images are not mine, though edits to certain ones can be considered mine. The character herself is mine wholly, though also the world around us. She is what I see our Earth as; the personification. Please do not steal.

Have clapped their hands at him from the door
I am not here for drama. If it's IC, sure. But I will keep my face out of as much as possible. If you try to start anything with me, I will simply block you, screenshot you, and take the images to the mods of that room. Otherwise... see you in another life, brother.

When it seemed as if they could bear no more.
I'm not taken OOCly, but I am not searching for a life-partner. Lover, fuck toy, et cetera. You are definitely not the one; if you happen to like me, don't expect anything to come of it. I'm a natural flirt, and that is something I am working on. But I will not lead anyone on. Please don't assume.

The fault must partly have been in them.
As above, there is a limiter to Gaea. She is not actively searching for a lover, nor will she likely take one. If anything, she will not even get that far with anyone. If she does with your character, treat her well. Don't be a dick.

The bird was not to blame for his key.
IC is not OOC, and OOC is not IC. Yes, while I would love to not have your character be a dick to Gaea, she will deal with it and most likely pamper you to death. She isn't a hater, though she is a fighter. I do not tolerate people who blur the lines between IC and OOC and I will block you if you start doing so. There's very few people that I will ever accept doing that, but it's most definitely not you.

And of course there must be something wrong
I'm not a fighter when it comes to T1 fighting. But I will do my best to try. I will have people watch over the combat so both sides are fair; this is something for me so I can get critiques about my style and what I'm doing, and any godmodding will be called out on both sides. I try very hard to not do so. I suggest you do the same too.

In wanting to silence any song.
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