«Gwynevere» ֎ «---» ֎ «Unknown» ֎ «Female» ֎ «Wolf-raised»
«Mute» ֎ «Honey-gold Eyes» ֎ «Mahogany Hair»
«Bird Skull» ֎ «Northern Mountains»

During the Burning times, there was a village was ransacked with the threat of burning any who used magic. The king that once ruled over the land that held this province is now gone, but not before this little village was razed to ashes. From the forest, wolves descended with the promise of food. Amongst the frames of the ruined buildings one particularly white wolf found a newborn. Its throat was reddened with welts and marked from a devastating burn. The pink pup, to the wolf, was making no sound, yet it still acted as if it was crying out. It would be a mercy to kill this pup as it would not be able to communicate, but having only one pup to care for after an unfortunate birthing, she decided to take it in. It was wrapped up securely in the skins of a Doe from the smell of it. Not pleasant, but it kept up for the travel to the mountains.
This is where Gwynevere's story begins. Alongside her is her brother Ghost.

«Blunt weapon» ֎ «Telepathy(NEW!* ֎ «Languages(Animal)»
«Tracking» ֎ «Hunting» ֎ «Foraging» ֎ «Scavenge» ֎«Cold Resist ( *

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