Birth name Nyx Featherlight
Alternate Blacklight, Nyxie, Black
Genetalia Feminine
Known age Maybe 130
Occupation Potionist, Healer
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single

Species Elvish
Origin Lilac Forest
Family Father (retired), Dominio (pet)
Weapon(s) Giant Candle Stick
Markings Runic Tattooing, Scarring Height 4'11"
Weight 120lbs {mix muscle/fat}
Eye Color Forest Green
Hair Color Blacklight Black

Blacklight, as she's been dubbed by family and friends within the Lilac Forest, is a rather good-hearted woman. For someone small and child-looking, she is a full adult. But compared to the other few children around her, she's known to be a little runt, but well loved by her Father. She's Sprighty and proud, and very brandishing with the tongue. She's good with animals and humans both. Hence... the giant honey badger.

When she was a little girl, there was a mother badger that had been killed on the outerskirts of the Lilac Forest by humans. There was a baby that was still alive, but weak. Like any badger, it was very aggressive and often times hurt Nyx, but she still took care of it, nursed it to health with milk fused with mana that her father had done when she had been very ill herself when she was born. The mana took adverse effects with the milk and badger, making it grow to be 5'0" from wither to ground. Over the years, the markings were lightened to a dark brown along the feet, stomach, and most of the face, soft runic silvery markings along the spine and flanks and a creamy mocha color that gets white frosted tips where the fur hang off. Its name is Dominio, it is a he, and he has a fedora that he likes. And he hates everyone, save for Nyx. Good luck with that.

Don't fuck with his fedora, either.

reeeAbility to create just about any potion that has been written down. In her home in Miller Dale, she has a room dedicated solely to books on potions. But not just potions; there's also books on healing magic.

Healing Touch(Expert)
reeeNyx is able to heal more serious wounds (internal bleeding, bone damage, potential lethal wounds). But at the cost of that, it would take hours to perform and it would take much of her mana to fully perform the magic. The more simple the wound, the easier it is to handle. Often times, if she manages to save someone from the brink, it would take the patient's will power to live. Often times still, scars will be left behind to heal over time. ( 19 - 20 = crit heal )

Supernatural Strength, Sight, Sound, Speed
reeeThe general elvish stuff. Superior sight, superior hearing due to the dynamic of the ears, and strength that allows her to carry much more in her pack, despite being a mage. This comes from her father. For being so small, she is just a hair faster than other elves.

reeeNow this is an ability that she is most known for, and often time got into trouble for using. What this does is cause otherwise invisible stains (Blood, sexual fluids, saliva, et cetera) and brings them to light. If there is a crime that was possibly committed but hidden, she is the best person to go to. This takes a surprisingly small amount of mana, since it's just switching a light spell to something that will illuminate what is invisible. But while this is active, there is a constant stream being used, but also you can hear her humming a... strangely invigorating song that would make you want to dance.

reeeMuch like the Blacklight ability, this is just its opposite. But the difference, as she has a candle stick for a weapon, she lights its wick and instead of drawing mana from her, it draws from the daily-infused stick. It never melts because of the sheer fact that the light has a secondary food source. This makes the flame a flickering blue-purple in response, but it lights everything up like a regular day time within a 10 foot radius.

Blunt Weaponry (Staves)
reeeThe candle stick she uses is almost 5'5" in height. Surprisingly thick and strong and bendable as a wooden one. This is due to how much mana had been stored within it. There is enough that if she were to no longer use magic, it would still retain all that mana for generations to come until it's all consumed by someone lighting the wick, or if someone uses magic stronger than her own.

reeeThis is an ability that makes her able to control wind. Not enough to make her fly or summon large cyclones, but she can hover a little, as needed when getting to higher books, or little shields of wind that create a kind of bubble that can protect from most projectile weapons. ( 18 - 20 = Protects from magic as well )
Star in the Dark