Very PM Friendly
Images are from Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Character herself is not
Profile was made for me, please ask
I'm Drama-zone free unless it's IC
I love snuggles
I love food. Please excuse me always having food
Don't assume you own me
Please giff luffs!
Artemis name
Arty, Electric alias
Female gender
Beastkin; Weasel racial
Humanoid species
Electricity elemental
150lbs heftiness
5'5" tallness
Purple, neon blue streaks hair/fur
Adventurine Green eye color
Pansexual sexuality
Unclaimed paramour
Wandering residence
Deceased familial
Artemis is a bang-up rag-time gal. Kidding, she's a beastkin that has the knack of getting into anything that isn't her own and often searches for trouble. How old she might be is relatively unknown, considering the youthful facade that is kept. Perhaps all that electricity is doing something good for the skin. Or it might be because she is a magic user by birth of mama Weasel. She is a trickster at heart, but also one that you would want to be in her good graces with, lest you find things you need missing, or a lack of your underwear. Going to places without underwear can be demeaning!

Don't feed her after midnight.