Full Name Dianna Levett
Nicknames Dia
Ethnicity French
Species Human
Racial Caucasian
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Deep gold
Eyes Polar Ice Blue
Sexuality Neutral
Paramour Uninterested
Tattoos Apothecary-related
Quirks Curiosity about souls, fire eater
Occupation Apothecary, Gemologyst

Outwardly, she is a fairly nice person. A little spacy and often times making strange faces that would make anyone tilt their head. Overall, there is nothing externally wrong or perturbed with her. But underneath the surface, it is a twisted, contorted mess. She's distraught by nightmares of fires and the sensation of flesh burning while laughing. Time to time one can hear her mumble something about 'diamonds of the heart'. Only she even has an inkling of understanding as to what it is.

PM friendly, but not IC in PM.
No OOC drama, pls.
Relationships are exclusive to IC only.
I like cookies.
Code made for me.
IC is not OOC.
Fuccbois rule.
They said that
I couldn't eat
the Diamonds
of their Hearts