Sacred Seas Queen
Ωname Katina Asothan
Ωalias Drummer of the Dead
Ωyears Looks 24
Ωspecies Humanoid
Ωracial Mer-folk
Ωgender ♀ Female ♀

Ωhair Dark purple/blue
Ωeyes Glacial blue
Ωscale Silver-blue
Ωflesh Northern pale, blue tinge
Ωheight 5'5"
Ωweight 140lbs
Ωsexual Not Picky
Ωmarital Single

Ωoccupation Potions/Spellcraft, Pool Loiterer
Ωresidential Wanderer
Ωfamilial Deceased
Ωelemental Water/Ice/Lightning
Ωweapon(s) Quicksilver
Ωquirks Crocodile Staring, Flirt-Fish
Personality, Inventory
Katina is known for her intelligence, madness, anger, callousness and magic. Oh, and the fact that she works for Death. Most of the mermaid's madness and anger had faded with time with the rainbowy scheme that adorned her scales for many, many years. There was much that changed with her. Of course, having died once, there is a sudden lightness to her. If one is to find her and talk to her, well... she'd be smiling more at them. She enjoys watching the land walkers, despite her distaste of the land.

The Siren's
Sweet Song
History to be added eventually.
Under heavy re-writing.
Abilities and skills on the way
Out Of
Sparkling Water
PM Friendly
honI am happy to receive PMs or DMs (Private Message, Direct Message), but unless you are posting ICly (In Character), please do not use brackets. I am almost always OOC (Out of Character) in my PM's. I get confused enough as it is when it comes to me using my brackets. Unless we're mid roleplay in PM's, let's avoid them.~ Please excuse me if I do now and then though. It's an awkward switch.

honThis is one that everyone seems to get confused with. I am not Katina nor is she me. I've met people who have this issue of differentiating the two, so I'm putting this down for everyone to see. If they bother to look this far. Who cares, right? This is just horseshite that people write for no reason at all other than to give fluff. But seriously. I will walk away if you can't separate the two.

honNow, as above in the previous paragraph, I will iterate something there: I have the right to say no. I do also prefer roleplaying with people who have profiles. If you don't, well... You might have a harder time catching my attention. I'm also a mild grammar nazi, so I apologize in advance if I correct your spelling now and then. This is not to be mean, but something to help. I believe that correcting someone will help one grow in their writing. Also, I am a shitposter and up. I can do it all! ... mostly.

honI'm not taken OOCly, nor do I think I will be in the future. If you wish to court me, you're going to have a hard time of it, only by sheer fact that I do have depression ruts and emotional baggage. But, my relationship is not Katina's, and Katina's lovers are not mine. I'm not willing to break any hearts, nor have mine broken again. As for smut, well... Eh. I don't particularly write it often anymore, save for my characters' lovers.

Fighting Styles
hon... I suck. The end. I'm not a fighter like Vincent Fiorelli or the Xetas. If you have any critiques I'd like to have them. Be constructive, not assholeish about it. I do try my best to keep a fight fair, even with someone like Katina, who is an immortal.

Drama Llamas
honIf you're here to start drama, I will just block you. There's not much to be really be had here, other than that OOC drama is useless and, quite frankly, childish of you. If you have beef with me or anyone, do take it to PM. I know I have my fair share of shit-pot stirring, but I do try to keep out of things anymore.

Coding Regulations
honThis profile was coded by Failurecodes. Please, if you're interested in her coding and wish to take it, ask her or others who use her codes before taking. She doesn't particularly care if people take and frankenstein them. But, please have the credit somewhere that it can be seen. She works hard with these codes.