name Unknown
alias Squishy, Squish
specie Malleable plasma
gender ♀ Female
marital Single
sexuality Fun-sexual!
Occupation Jobless!
Addictions Honey and nuts
more testing!
Testing more
One more test

Yes, more friends!
Above all else, Squishy is a slime of the utmost respect. Not only is she happy, she's proud of herself and no matter what happens she is and always will be a kind slime. She has no real name, but she has a nickname, thanks to someone who passed her by some decades ago when she only just formed.

Now there isn't much of a history to her at this time, since there's so many still that one does not know about her. But Squishy did originate from a lake up in the high mountains. Hence the bright blue-green color that belonged to Squishy. She's unique in the color, because for decades she was the only slime known to form from the waters that felt more mystical than anything else.