Name Eira Snow Queen Title
Age 23 - 24? ♀ Feminine ♀ Gender
Curse Animal Form Snowy with specs Feathers
Abilities Snow/Ice, Flight, Language Amber Eyes
Orientation Unknown Single Marital
Height 26in 5.6lbs Weight

Hoo Hoo... Hoo Hoo...

For being a thief in order to live, she was cursed. But with the pity the sorcerer felt, he gave her the last of his magic before succuming to age. This had an interesting effect on the owl that had then sat on his shaky arm, head twisting around quickly with yellow eyes blinking a few times as if adjusting or waking up. It was in the middle of the night, giving her the feel of being fully awake. Wings spread. Unlike a normal snowy owl female, Eira was whiter in her plumage, but had an added dusky knotwork along her wings, giving anyone a distinct Norse feeling when looking at the design. She also is projected to live the rest of her life as an owl -- her human life.


Strengths Weaknesses
Superior Vision Not as active during the day
Keen Hearing Fire Weakness
Increased Cold Resistance Limited mana pool
Production of ice weapons Requires steady supply of food
Stealth Easily spotted due to plumage
Assassination Easily distracted by prey