Roo Roo the Magnificent
Name Chelly Roo Roo Alias
Gender Female Border Collie Dragon Breed
Wingspan 20' 8'4" Height

Chelly was a loving collie that licks rather than bites. Has not been known to hurt a human or supernatural, even if they threaten to hurt her. She'll lick them to death first.

However, recently she was mistakenly (maybe) given some treats that, to her black-and-white views, was a dog treat. So it was chewed with exhuberance and happiness, though for days it left her with a belly ache that had her hiding. Now, she is a feathered dragon with much the same black-and-white coloring, though her eyes were now blue and the feather-like scales that ran along her crest also had a glowing blue tinge. She is still the same personality wise, but she has a love for also nudging people with that narrow, narrow snout of her's.