Name Epona
Age Unknown
Gender Woman
Ethnicity Equus/Hylian
Height 5'6"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Cream
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Orientation Open
Marital Single
Quirks Flute, always faintly hearing her song in the distance
A sweet mare, a charming Hylian. Kind and unwavering in her loyalty to her companions, especially Link. There is no way for her to betray them, as she also protects them. If in a more odd, round about way.
After the events between Ocarina of her kin, then herself within Twilight Princess, the Gods came to her on a windy evening while she was in the plains, grazing. She had often returned to this area, wanting to look more over the vast landscape. In exchange for her line's unwavering loyalty and help to the Heroes she was given a great boon.

It was a grand offer and one she nearly refused, but she had liked being able to speak to Link, even if his wolf form had made her wary. So, she had accepted it. In the form of a small Triforce replica made of amber, it settled around her neck, the chain able to expand and shrink with the shifts.