Birth name Maximus Talon Haliwell
Alternate Bucket
Genetalia Feminine
Known age Between 20 and 26
Occupation (wannabe) Drug Pusher
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single

Weapon Choice Glock 17 (watergun)
Origin Gotham
Family ---
Markings Legs, torso, back scarred Height 4'11"
Weight 110lbs
Eye Color Puppy-brown
Hair Color Darker Brown
Bucket was born in the slums of Gotham. Where her parents went and the rest of her family, she doesn't really talk about it. Instead, at a decent age she started getting (often) hauled into the GCPD building often for what started as buglary and breaking and entering. Soon it resorted to full weaponry and pushing drugs for the Penitente Cartel. She's nothing more than a grunt, but something she took with gusto and some (unholy) pride that usually has her stuck with, you know it, a realistically-shaped water gun instead. Damnit.

Bucket is known to wear mostly (red) oversized hooded jackets and capris that are either a dark jean blue or black. And running shoes.
The Bucket