[name] Alaris
[age] Unknown -- Around 6 Corporeal
[gender] Feminine in looks
[racial] Sun Fragment{Mistaken for elven, due to ears}
[occupation] Chef, Student
[height] 5'6"
[weight] 142lbs
[hair] Crimson {Still has a few locks of rainbow}
[eyes] Sun-kissed gold
[marital] Single

Personality of the Little Sun

For the most part, Alaris is a very bright child when it comes to what she does. Bright, but she is oblivious about most of Human Nature due to where she was raised. Coddled most of her known life, she only branched out in the last year, reaching out to the world around her. In doing so, she's learned plenty of things! Like fear, sadness, kindness, greed. ...Even perhaps a bit of hatred and jealousy.

Little Trinkets Collection

x1 Midnight blue cloak with gold embroidering x1 Ornamental sword
x1 Reading Glasses
Out of Character

  • IC =/= OOC
  • Alaris is an innocent flower. no lewds
  • Her original name was Fanatica
  • She still has rainbow in her hair
  • Semi paragraph to novella
  • Fate/Unlimited OC {notreally}
  • If I see drama, I'll be a llama and spit in your face.
  • PM Friendly!
  • No means no.

  • Friends

    Twinkle, twinkle little star
    How I wonder where you are.

    Up above the world so high;
    Like a Diamond in the sky!

    When the blazing Sun is gone...
    When the nothing shines upon.

    Then you show your little light;
    Twinkle, twinkle, all the Night...