name Alara Delacroux
years 22
gender female
height 5'7"
weight 162lbs
sexuality :3
paramour single
family deceased
residence New Kalos-Snowbelle City
trainer occupation
fairy-type Pkmn Type
Chelly Starting
none Rival
50% filled Poke-dex
Alara first received Chelly from her father when she was younger in the form of an egg. By he, she was told that she should move every day. And this she did. Soon enough the egg hatched, showing a soft brown Eevee that she loved so much... it really did not take long before the Eevee became a Sylveon.

Fast Forward to today, the Bug Badge and Cliff Badge are the only two badges that she received due to her deciding that, instead of being like her father, she wanted to be a contest trainer. As it stands now, she has the master ribbon for the Cute-type Contests. There is some contention if she should return to gathering Badges, yet she was never fully confident in her abilities as a Trainer to guide her Sylveon to victory.
Chelly - The starter
23 | Fairy | Cute Charm

Attract | Draining Kiss
Tail Whip | Tackle

Myuu - Tamed Legend
50 | Psychic | Sync

Pound | Ancient Power
Psychic | Metronome
Myuu had decided to stay with her after a battle that rendered Chelly unconscious. An honor that Alara will always cherish.

A friend met in Sinnoh on her way to one of Eterna City. He may have helped her out from underneath the thugs that were trying to take away Chelly at the time. She may enjoy teasing him; he is one of the few she can consider a 'friend'.

A Pokemon Profile

I am PM Friendly. Yes, yes I am. Just uh... drop the brackets.~

My fighting is subpar. I do try to work on it often, please bear with me. Oh, and you can blame Red if she punches someone for hurting her Pokemon unfairly.

IC is not OOC and I will ask that you, as a writer, will respect that. I've had troubles in the past with people who ignored that line.

Me and you being together will not happen in reality. Hate to say it. Characters are fair game.

If our characters are together, I ask that you are on regularly or let me know if you're going to have issues getting on. If my character finds that you're cheating on her, she will fuck yours up then dump you.

While I prefer story, smut is welcome. A mix of the two is great. I'm a shitpost - multi + roleplayer. I do appreciate basic grammer and punctuation and spelling. If you spell a word you don't know how to spell and I correct you, please don't take it the hard way. I love words and I thought at the time showing you the correct spelling will help.

I don't deal with OOC drama well. I'll most likely walk away if it begins. Just a fair warning.

Any pokemon after Chelly are potentially roleplayers themselves. Please be courteous to them as well, for they are my team.

This is a Failure Code profile. If you want one of your own, ask.

psst. if you got this far. tell red that he needs to get more sleep. he looks tired.