alias Aisling
gender Feminine
sexuality Unknown
marital Single {Unavaliable}
specie Dream Creature
occupation Wish Granter
preferred state Chibi
hair color silvery white
eye color Fiery Red
Aisling herself is a creature of many things that would never be understood by Human kind. As a creature of the Dream Realm, she possesses abilities far beyond the Human's ability of understanding.

But as the First, though unknown by most of the later Dream Creatures, Aisling has the unique capability of granting one's wish. Depending on the strength of the wish, the longer it lasts. Sometimes... to the point of permanence.
And So she Screamed.

Once there was nothing when people slept. No dreams, no nothing. Just darkness. But a child with so much imagination fell asleep one day. Where they first landed, grassland bloomed around them with flowers and bushes and rocks. And a sapling where they first sat. This child watched with wonder. Let the tree slowly grow by watching it alone.

Eventually, this child grew lonely. And the first Dream Creature, the first being of the Realm to be created... was a little white rabbit with a deer-like tail, as most wild rabbits have one, and fur the color of silver and starlight. Crimson eyes and long whiskers and ears. This rabbit gave a snuffling sound as it gave little hops into the child's lap. What happened to the child, you ask?

they died.

This little rabbit found itself moving the child's soul before it could escape to the tree. At the base, the ground opened up, took the child's soul... and the earth closed. But then a glass globe became part of the tree over the years it grew up. But as the child's spirit still reigned, the rabbit slowly found ways to manipulate its own body. And eventually became forgotten amongst the other Dream Creatures as anything but a lesser, for she showed little to no abilities. Until she found her way to the Physical Realm. And... she became something of 'benevolence'. But in truth, only entertaining herself unless someone means harm to the Dream Realm or those she cares for.

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I am but a Dream, in the End.