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Skin Color
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Shadow Kitty
Female, ♀
Black, Green Undertone
Creamy to Peach
Icy Blue

Catnip. Chinese Food. Other Things.

In a Tree in the Forest
Chaotic Neutral
Felin {Nekomimi}

Through the Veil {Passive}
Like any cat, Shadow can see into the realm of the Dead. This also means that no matter what, spirits won't be able to hide from her sight, as she can also faintly see the trails that they leave behind. Even ghosts have markers that her nose can follow.

Shadow Step {Passive}
Being a cat, she can pretty much disappear into the shadows and suddenly appear anywhere she felt like. While this is something very prominent even she can do, the fact that she has no fur over her flesh wouldn't account for why she can't fully be seen. Shadow has an innate ability to pull the shadows around her, leaving only her eyes to be seen. This only proves that Shadow isn't as good-aligned as she lets people think she is.

Night Sight {Passive}
All Cats have this ability by proxy. Nocturnal creatures are what group cats are part of. Intelligent and Nocturnal. This allows Shadow to walk around at night like it was day time. Nothing different here; move along, folks. However, this does make her a little more sensitive to adjusting to daylight and bright flourescent lights.

Hand-to-hand Combat {Active}
Even a cat has to know how to defend herself. Trained by a gym, she learned how to box. As proven when fighting with Tarot Rosencratz in the Pillory the first time they met. Otherwise, not much of Shadow's abilities are currently known.

Not much is known about 'Shadow Kitty'. The only name that anyone actually knows her by has always been 'Shadow', though if that is her actual name no one truly knows. Very few people ever learn her true name. And many of them are dead now. She is known to be as lewd as she is mischievous. She enjoys tossing things off of shelves, counters, what-have-you like any regular cat despite being more humanoid than her counterparts. When not doing that, she is lurking and watching the world around her. These are only pieces of a whole creature that anyone can fathom.

Shadow prefers being blunt. Beating around the bush when she prefers napping on said bush tends to irritate her. Especially if it gets into her time of being very, ah... intimate with someone. She is known for her free love. It isn't something she hides or ashamed of, because obviously she wears no shirts out in public, or no pants. It depends on her mood mostly. Due to her higher body heat by three or four degrees than a normal human's, it helps keep her from facing heat exhaustion.

She is a very loyal person when someone deserves it. To her, it has always been considered precious as a gem. Over the years, she has seen murder, heartbreak, rape and mental assaults that degraded some to suicide. Many humans, she had found, did not know what Trust and Loyalty means. In the past, she has been stabbed in the back by those she thought were close. No matter how many times though, the world will always see a catty smile and little things here and there to the few that gain her as a friend the loyalty over and over again. This can often lead to her mischief. Now if it doesn't lead to destruction... well. That's a good day.

This is a friend text. Yes this is a friend text. I hope you love this friend text because if you don't i'm going to kill you. I mean, it isn't hard to really understand but I am very sensitive and I work hard on making these just right. Now love me god damnit.

Shadow is around 26 years of age
Shadow's Birthday is June 7th
Shadow hates the term Nekomimi. Vehemently.
Shadow has high-chances of miscarries if she becomes pregnant.

So uh, awkward. Here we are, just you and me. Player and Player. Toss the characters aside here for a second:
I'm not one for blurring the lines between In Character and Out Of Character. And I ask for the sanctity of our sanity that you respect this. If your character is irrevocably in love with mine and this transfers to personal feelings, either A: keep it to yourself or B: Discern if you really love me as a Person or me as a Thought of Shadow. I'm not interested in relationships at this time, nor am I willing to be.

Hey, I'm with all the smut like the rest of y'all. But occasionally I do like some story to go with. Just a quick rut, or a long-time running thing, take your pick. But be warned, if you tickle my fancy, I do post big. And just not in girth, thank you.~
side note: I'm not a dominant personality what-so-ever. If your profile says 'submissive', you're going to have to educate me in private on if you can also dominate or not. While I'm sassy and snarky on the dance floor, the bedroom is a ball-game entirely different.

Quality Posting
As brought up in the last section, I post from semi-paragraphs to full blown novella. While the latter isn't as common as the former now, you'll know you caught my interest in earnest. But I also mirror post. I give what I get, I'm afraid. And I do expect at least a basic understanding of the English language from my partners. If you're not from any English-tongued country, I fully understand why words may be confusing. Just ask what they mean!~
side note: Oh, there is also one little thing. I don't mind having posts thrown at me in Private without talking first, but if it's something I don't like, I'll let you know. ♥

Drama Llama Duck
While sticks and stones can't break me, there are others that're more sensitive than I. Respect them -- the fact that some of you people strive to ruin days, go to your lonely corner and rub one out until you're happy again. People come here to have fun and get out of the highschool life. To forget reality for a while. But people who bring Drama to the OOC are unfun and quite a droll, to say the least. I've done my fair share I admit, but it's a group effort to keep a room drama free. Not just the mods.

Z Coding Expertise
See all of this? This is coded by Failurecodes. Rather, rehashed and re-done. But I gave her the codes to fiddle with and ultimately make better. If you want a code like this, you will have to ask her first. There are many that she has made that look cleaner than this one. Go ask her for one of those instead. Leave my trash-code alone.