alias Radalla
name [r e d a c t e d]
gender Female
race Spriggan
height 6'5"
weight UNKNOWN
hair color Forest Greens
eye color Emeralds
sexuality ---
marital ---

familial all around
residence Wandering
occupation UNKNOWN
accomplice none
Unlike most Spriggans, Radalla is known to use sweet pea flowers to mimic human skin along the face and torso, making her look more human due to the years she had dealt with a small village that resided near the forest she originates in. Underneath the sweet pea flowers does lay the general structure of many branches and vines cohesion into a face and body, some protruding to show a more proclaimed gender, though she is technically genderless. Metal has been overlaid and set, though over time it would have melded to her, giving her a shiny section around the chest area specifically, along with around the hip and shoulder. An odd spriggan is she.
  • As a long ranged weapon user, Radalla can create bows and arrows from trees around her by singing them into existance. She does keep one that's sung from a Yew tree, along with its arrows, rendering them poisonous.

  • Healer
  • Over fighting, she prefers to help. She has a healing touch that generates from the aloe that she both picks and grows on her fingers and for hair. It's a natural healing agent.

  • Fire Wary
  • Fire or anything fire related makes her very timid. Given the chance, she will try to put out anything flaming around her so she doesn't set herself on fire by accident. Or get set on fire.

  • Sleeplessly Nutritional
  • Well, this is kind of self explanatory. Spriggans don't require sleep. They can become still as trees and provide being the perfect Protector because of this fact. And they seep their nutrients from the ground for the most part. But they can eat if they must. Otherwise, the sun and earth beneath them is all they need.

  • Glowingflies
  • From her, she produces a unique type of butterfly. Their wings glow and become much like light. But once they roost somewhere, some die or they crystallize into little butterfly-shaped lights that can be removed by chipping carefully at the base.