alias Radalla
name [r e d a c t e d]
gender Female
height 5'7"
weight 140lbs
hair color Mouse brown
eye color Gray-blue
sexuality Open
marital Single

familial Deceased
residence Wandering
occupation UNKNOWN
accomplice none
There would be more to Radalla, but instead there's a smiling girl. But not just any girl. But she not once makes note of what she is, nor how old. Such can only be seen in the blue-gray eyes she has. For someone with her looks, she seems nice and fairly wise. And to boot, she's sassy as all hell.
Not much is currently known about Radalla. Other than that she suddenly appears and disappears over the years. And has been spotted as far back as around the fifteen hundreds. She is known to be very... old-timey when it comes to formal occasions, but crass and very modern if she's casual. Above all else, the woman is genuinely good to help a lot of people, though she'll ask for something in return.

History coming one day