alias Shawazu
name Neaira
d.o.b. unknown
gender female
race Vaporeon
species Eeveelution
level 63

height 5'4"
weight 165
eye color Russet brown
hair color Deep mauve
body type Curvaceous, plump
noteables line along her spine that mimics her other form

sexuality Open
marital single
familial unknown
After a spontaneous mutation, this Pokémon can move freely in the water and enjoy its time near beautiful beaches. Often mistooken for a mermaid, the Vaporeon is also rumored to have a molecule structure so close to that of water that it can melt in and become invisible. Able to erase all signs of its presence, it is able to lay in wait for its pray, fish Pokémon.

Overall, Neaira is a kind pokémon. But she does have a no tolerance policy and easily looks down on anyone that she deigns to be less than forgiven. When it comes to family, she is relatively protective and often times will curl around one if they are thought to be in danger. One of her quirky notables is that she tends to wiggle much like a feline when on the hunt or angry or excited. Belly rubs are her forté along with being a mobile pokétherapist.

Baby-doll Eyes | Tackle | Aurora Beam
Last Resort | Water Gun | Hydro Pump
Roar | Blizzard | Rain Dance | Scald
Charm | Synchronize | Yawn
Shiniest of Vaporeons