They'll let you try to reverse everything

Name: Unknown
Alias: Lunic Rhapsody
Age Unknown
Species: Bipedal homosapien
Race: Rhapsodic

HEight: 5'11
Weight: 150lbs
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Raven black
Eye Color: Says to be a silver-white, pupils black

Marital: Taken!~
Sexuality: Open-minded
Mentality: Sane, yet insane
Quirks: Always with her violin. Enjoys playing with peoples' minds.

Occupation: Grand Meister of Illusions, house-wife for Hiruko.
Profession: Illusions, Violinist, Cook, Step-mom
Lineage-Ties: Step-daughter Cylene Drosselmeyer
Alliegence: Drosselmeyer

Don't Waste Your Time

Come one, come all! Gather for the show that's to begin!

The fingers of a middle-aged man tapped against his guitar as droves of people came around the stage that had been hastily set up upon the mysterious arrival. He would give a smile upon the audience once he had gathered. Then.... he would start singing.

About a maid I'll sing a song,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
About a maid I'll sing a song
Who didn't have her family long.
Not only did she do them wrong,
She did ev'ryone of them in, them in,
She did ev'ryone of them in.

One morning in a fit of pique,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
One morning in a fit of pique,
She drowned her father in the creek.
The water tasted bad for a week,
And we had to make do with gin, with gin,
We had to make do with gin.

Her mother she could never stand,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
Her mother she cold never stand,
And so a cyanide soup she planned.
The mother died with a spoon in her hand,
And her face in a hideous grin, a grin,
Her face in a hideous grin.

She set her sister's hair on fire,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
She set her sister's hair on fire,
And as the smoke and flame rose high'r,
Danced around the funeral pyre,
Playin' a violin, -olin,
Playin' a violin.

She weighted her brother down with stones,
She weighted her brother down with stones,
And sent him off to davy jones.
All they ever found were some bones,
And occasional pieces of skin, of skin,
Occasional pieces of skin.

One day when she had nothing to do,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
One day when she had nothing to do,
She cut her baby brother in two,
And served him up as an irish stew,
And invited the neighbors in, -bors in,
Invited the neighbors in.

And when at last the police came by,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
And when at last the police came by,
Her little pranks she did not deny,
To do so she would have had to lie,
And lying, she knew, was a sin, a sin,
Lying, she knew, was a sin.

My tragic tale, I won't prolong,
My tragic tale I won't prolong,
And if you do not enjoy the song,
You've yourselves to blame if it's too long,
You should never have let me begin, begin,
You should never have let me begin.

The man would stop there, as there were indeed people hiding their childrens' ears and eyes. Some of the adults were horrified. And behind him, a whole play was put in motion. The maid with black hair and a black violin. The family with similar features, though the maid's face was blurred. For a good reason, as in the shadows of the crowd. Invisible strings were on the fingers of a black-haired woman. Eyes the eerie color of the moon and a violin the color of the darkest of nights settled onto her hip. She wiggled her fingers, watching as this man danced for her.

What the humans failed to realize was that the movements were awkward. Wooden. Ah, yes. A wooden puppet that played for them now.

A wink to the viewer.

Sing Hallelujah

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