Name Eldur Dansari
Nicknames Danny, Fire Crotch, Ella
Gender Female
Species 27
Race Human
Classification Mage
Element Fire - Grand Master
Height 5'9"
Weight 136lbs
Hair Color Midnight Black
Eye Color Emerald
Quirks Missing left eye
Orientation Open
Paramour Single

There is a lot of layers to Eldur. While she feigns being relatively upbeat much like the fire she dances with still, there is a darker aura that hangs around her. There has been a lot that had happened, but whatever made her lose an eye was something that made the Fire Dancer much... much more cynical to the world around.

Lives are short, like a flame. We must live... right?

Once upon a time, there was a young girl that was doing some dancing in a park to garner money. A strange man came by one day with an offering of a bowl of soup. At first, she declined. He went away. Now, this girl was dirty from living in a cardboard box tucked away within an alley between several trash recepticles. Each day she told him that she did not accept charity. Yet, every day he returned. He caught her on a day of Rest. Sunday. She, too tired to refuse, accepted this bowl of warm soup. With starved movements she wolfed it down, not leaving a single drop to stay in the stone piece.
It's a beautiful piece of art. Why do you make something trivial in what could be worth so much? She asked.
Because even art should be useful. Then he bade his goodbye.
She was confused at first upon his departure. Days after, though, a sudden burning brought her briefly back to her box. It was intense enough that she nearly decided to go to the hospital. But after a few days, the pain settled. It wasn't until she was near a barrel fire that she first noticed that the flames listened, considered her as part of them. Now, years of a mask, thieving and trickery was in her wake. But she also met a demon, made a pact with him. Over time, she learned much and how to truly command the fire other than do showy images and dance amongst the fire. For a brief time, they were partners closely bonded. He was the one who brought her out of that selfish nature and into someone that... cared.
And that's how she ended up losing her eye. How she did that however, she will refuse to say.


IC and OOC

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