Entrance Age
Current Age
Subject No.
Birth Name

Hair Color
Eye Color

Quirks Known
Mental Status
Current Location
[r e d a c t e d]
# 16, The Sin Eater
[r e d a c t e d]

Mouse Brown
Small, large in the chest/shoulder area
Scarring on abdomen, runic tattoos on spine

A mute
St. Alice {Wonderland} Asylum

Friendly, outgoing, forgetful, clinically insane.
For the most part, this S U B J E C T seems to be very lenient and happy to be around civilization and other people. Even as far as to smiling to everyone despite not seeming to speak. There is no record of when exactly she stopped talking. It must have happened on one of the days she was left alone. It is recommended that this Subject is kept under close surveilance for further analysis on whether it was a choice action or one due to our... experimentations.
Power Name Here
This is the ability description. While we know of her abilities it is not wise at this time to jot them down until we have further information and better facts for each one that my colleagues and I have discovered with Subject #16. Until then, please be patient.
For now this will also remain blank, for we are not yet done with our experimentations and trials to see just how far she can go before she finally burns out. How long that will be we do not know yet. But hopefully she will be ready soon to release into the public. To have her incomplete would be unexcusable even on our part. But I cannot say that we do not have spies in our midst.

"You feel the sins crawling on your back and you know you'll go crazy if you keep them to yourself. That's why they become secrets. Something that someone else can take to the grave with them."
-- Doctor [r e d a c t e d], XX07
Friend Here
Companions list to become something soon.
Enemy Here
Eventually we must all have one who must be that single hated thing.
Got a Secret, Can you Keep It?
I am in no way willing to have In Character (IC) romances become Out of Character (OOC). I mean, if we've known each other for a long time and talk all the time and other things -- perhaps. But until then I'll decline any advances on my person in reality.

Swear This One You'll Save
I'm not entirely accustomed to T1 fighting. So please bear with me if I don't meet your expert fighting standards. I'm new to such an arena. I do have a few friends on stand by to help me as needed if I get into a fight with another. I hope you and others will pull me aside in private if I make a mistake and give me some advice for a post-change before your reply. Not you taking it to main and calling...

Better Lock It, In Your Pocket
I am Private Message (PM) Friendly, yes. I have no qualms about people messaging me in private at all. But please understand that I will not change my character for anyone or anything and that she is primarily for the H E L I X . H Q room, and the S U B J E C T S. # 16 will not have her personality changed unless these happen gradually through roleplays. Without consent, I will not have private roleplays affect the general over-all.

Taking This One to the Grave.
In Character Drama? Yes please. Out of Character Drama?
Get away from me.
I am not here for petty drama nor am I for drama between two people in the main room. If you have a problem with someone, please respect those around and take it to private. Not only does it drive away people, it also drives away roleplay. And I'm one of those who stop roleplaying and eventually leave a room due to drama. I have been around the block of Highschool and wish not to return. We're all adults here, correct? Then let's sit down and talk like civil humans.