I have failed you.
A Story for those who wish to read.

Private Message Friendly
While I'm friendly with PM's, I do keep it Out of Character primarily. In other words, any roleplay that does happen in PM's, unless otherwise stated, will be considered In Character.

Drama Llamas
Ah, a peculiar issue across RPC. Considering I've been here for a long time, I've learned a lot. And one of them is to simply sound the alarm when the drama llamas are about. Do not bring highschool drama to me. I don't want it, nor do I need it. As for those who hate me, you will be simply ignored. I do not fear you. I will never fear you.

Relationship Advice
I do not want to bug anyone who may have infatuations with me, but if you want to court me outside of RPC, you will be strictly denied. I cannot, will not and shall not go that far into a relationship. If you have met me before and heard of what happened, there you go. To those who haven't, you will not be told. If you have questions about what happened and wish to hear my side, I will tell it to you. Otherwise, please don't ask.

OOC =/= IC
This should be pretty simplistic. Drama is not carried either way. Character feelings isn't carried either way. Player's feelings are not the Character's. That should sum it up just about right.

Coding Rights
This code was made by me, for me. If you wish to have a profile from me, you only need to ask. I do have other profiles, but I also can make one for you. You only need to message me and let me know. Of course, I'm going to try to persuade you into checking out my other codes first. And over time I'm going to be showcasing a lot of my older codes on a different site so you can see what's there.
Name Nururose Tam Height 5'9"
Gender Female Weight 150lbs
Race Caucasian Eye Color Amethyst
Age Unknown Hair Color Veridian Green
Occupation Bodyguard, CEO Family Nathaniel, Ellie
Marital Single Contract None currently
Brathu'Angau Morr Thin-rimmed reading glasses
Shoulder Bag First-Aid Kit
Plus-size mens' shirt Plus-size mens' sweats
Extra white dress Umbrella
Journal A living star
Nururose herself is a relatively decent person to speak to, if you are okay with having someone that does not express emotions. As a bodyguard and mercenary, she does not let emotions show. But this is also a programming that was input when she was being augmented. After one peculiar incident, this programming was fully reinstated.