Name Anastasia
Alias Shadow's Whisperer
Gender Feminine
Age Unknown
Hair Black || Streaks of white
Eyes Brilliant Gold
Height 5'6
Weight 150lbs
Spiritus The Unicorn and the Dragon
Binding Dagger
Affinity Both Light and Dark
Master ----
Marital ----
Orientation Unknown

Caring, helpful, support
Anastasia, for the most part, is a caring woman. While she cannot see she has significant learning curves as to where she is once there for a little while. Soon enough she'll be able to walk with her head up high, as if she was not blind at all. But some of this comes from help with her other half, he who hides. Over all, they both have that sense of urgency to aide anyone that is hurt.
Happy And Healthy
Not only am I PM friendly, I'm also a fairly nice person OOC-wise. There's not a lot that gets to me. This goes for the same for my character. And she's a kind-hearted person. ... Don't break a unicorn's heart.

Let's Avoid This
I'm not necessarily one for OOC Drama. This is not highschool and we are not sixteen year olds trying to assert dominance. We are adults, yes? Then why not act like adults and be civil about things instead of causing trivial drama that destroys rooms and roleplay? As for OOC relationships I'm not interested in one, due to many reasons. And if you're interested, bear in mind that you'll need to take a grain of salt with me due to my personality towards relationships now. I'm not letting my heart be torn by anyone again.

Oh Look, Stuff
I'm not a big T1 fan. If you plan to fight me, please understand that I don't do it enough t have the finesse that others do. Don't call Godmod on me if I make a mistake in a post. Simply pull me aside in Private Messages and help me correct my mistakes. I'm a quick learner and I have been roleplaying for ~10 years now.

Let's Not Purge
Anastasia is a character made by me, myself, and I. And this code was graciously made for me by Dreamer. If you have questions, ask her, not me. And if you plan on stealing this code, please don't. It's more or less a sin to take someone's work and call it your own when they put their heart into it. It's like a piece of artwork or schoolwork that gets taken by a classmate/peer and claimed as their own. And one more thing: Please do not throw out the names of Alternate accounts that people have. It's rude.
Blood Sacrifice -- a c t i v e
Depending on how severe the wound, Anastasia cuts either her palm or her forearm to draw blood needed to heal her ally's injuries. While it's instantaneous healing, she cannot heal Fatal Wounds or issues of the body like Cancer or AIDS. But what her healing can do is provide a temporary immunity of minor wounds for about a day. (Such as scrapes and scratches.)

Purification -- a c t i v e
Like all known lore, even she has the ability of purifying. But what is unique to her is she can also purify the Spirit alongside Water. But the fault to having purified Spirit is that one is vulnerable to attacks from those with abilities of Darkness.

Shadow's Mark -- p a s s i v e
When almost dead, the shadows around Anastasia will rise up around her first, then form into that of a shadowy dragon. While seemingly impossible to see through once this dragon forms, you can easily see where Anastasia is, for the glow of her horn. But while the dragon is about, Anastasia cannot be harmed and cannot help. In a way, she's in stasis until she is free of battle and can be healed.

Leading Glow -- p a s s i v e
She's a shiny object. The end. Anastasia's horn has a never-dimming glow, which makes it hard for her to sneak around in shadows. Her horn acts like a flash light or lantern, permitting an area of about five feet in any direction around her to be illuminated.