Given Name GAEA
Project Earth Shaker Automaton
Gender Feminine
Age [ r e d a c t e d ]
Build Lithe, slender
Height 5'1"
Weight 200lbs
Skin Color Mocha coloured
Hair Color Snow White
Eye Color Green/Tawny Orange
Interest e r r o r
Residency Rogue entity
Music All {Except rap & hiphop}

Granted, Gaea seems relatively cold when it comes to talking to humanoids (anything that looks relatively close to being humanlike like elves or demons). But this is due to the programming that was not originally intended for her to communicate with anything else but the earth. As it was, she was not originally intended to leave the institute that made her. She is more adapted to dealing with animals.

Earth Shaker

The harder the stomp, the more the earth shakes. If done hard enough, the ground will heave deep craks left behind long after. Considering the weight of GAEA, these little quakes can become devastating.


GAEA specializes in care for animals and plants both. Humans as well, though it does go against programming to help them. So she lets people think.


This is a more passive ability. GAEA is able to recognize any type of poison, create, cure, and wield to harm if the need is there. Not want, but need.

Close Weapon

GAEA has been programmed to use staves, polearms, swords, bats, bludgeons... anything that is considered to be used within close combat. This makes her easily a foe to be reckoned with if one is to get close enough to start hurting her.

Long Range

Like close weapon, GAEA also has significant knowledge in bows, crossbows, guns, launchers. While not as well set, it is easier to get in on her than to fight her long-range.


This is a final programmed ability built in for if she becomes out of control. However unlikely, it is still the killswitch. If one was to take custody over GAEA, they will require her to tell them her trigger.


OOC =/= IC

I am not GAEA, GAEA is not me. Relations with her is not relations with me. Pretty straight forward here.

No Love Here

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