Sharing tree shade
Name Chinelle
Gender Feminine
Age 7 {Still a baby vampire}
Height 5'6"
Weight 157lbs
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Silvery Purple
Specie Vampire
Race Supernatural
Master None
Marital Single
Orientation Open


Chinelle is, for the most part, a lurker. A nature that had always been with her. Neutral for the most part. But... she does get very protective of two things.

First: The forest in which she resides.
Second: Those that she does become friends with.

Overall, she is known to be more shy around adults and other vampires in general, since she almost always refuses to eat. It takes the mindset of a Master to make her feed regularly, or someone who is able to keep her from having a vampire's version of PTSD. These come sporadically. But she is also fairly unstable mentally, for she has complained in the past about the voices in her head.


Chinelle is of a more slender build despite being wide at the hips. Her silver-purple hair falls to nearly the waist in curls that often time gets tangled up, requiring regular brushing. Her eyes are a rich crimson, something that marks her as what she is: a vampire. On her palms are starburst-like scars that had faded to a lighter shade of her flesh, making them hard to discern if not in the right lighting. There's also a scar from just below the breast under the arm pit on her left side and all the way to the inner curve of her hip, faded with time but still very angry if one was to see it. Usually, she is known to wear hooded sweaters with the pouches and black leggings.
With a Butterfly...
Supernatural Speed

Like anything of the Supernatural or Spiritual, Chinelle is able to run at a speed that the mortal eye would call a 'blur'. But as she is still young, it does exhaust her after a time.

Supernatural Strength

As she is still a baby vampire, her strength is only partial to what an older vampire's is. As it is on her own she can pick up things up to a bulldozer without much of a sweat. But also due to her mental disorder, her being able to pick things up varies on how bombarded she is with the voices.


Chinelle is a class 5 Empath.
This means that she can feel the pain all the way down to the soul of another being. Were she bound to her Sire, she would have felt everything they felt even from miles away. This makes her vulnerable to potential panic attacks.

Emotional Rebalance

This is an ability that ties in with her Empathy. If she is overwhelmed by too many emotions of those around her, it would only take raw willpower to effectively ignore the level of manipulation she has on emotions. She cannot control this, since her Sire had abandoned her. Depending on how many people are effected, she will go blind from just a few hours to potential weeks. During this time, she is relatively vulnerable.
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