name ooAheia
gender ooFemale
race ooUnknown
age ooUnknown
hair ooLiquid Starlight
eyes ooMoonstones
height oo5'11"
weight oo163lbs
sexual ooeh.
status ooUnder Protection
marks ooVaried

Aheia was rescued by a man in a mask. How? Well, it all started with...

Noises, sounds, yelling, screaming. The cries of sweet, sweet death. From her prison deep, deep within the bowels of this unforgivingly hot place, she could hear everything. She could not remember who she was anymore - not even her name at first. Moonstone-colored eyes would look up to the ceiling, glowing with the eerie glee that her captors were being killed left and right. There was little she could say or do, trapped in chains that glowed with the heat of the core of the earth, while made from metal of the sun.

She could hear them clammoring, trying to stop whoever had decided to reign a deeper part of hell upon these demons. It felt like days, years even, before only a single set of footsteps found their way to her cell. He could see in, but she could not see out. She could not remember why. When the door swung her way, even with the mask on she met his eyes.

"About time. I'm bored, care to give me a hand?" A wiggle of her bloodied, burned wrists. What happened next? History.

Moon's Claw, Moonglow

Moon's Claw is the name of the sword hilt that Aheia has on her person at all times. It is said to have been carved from the more crimson core of an elder tree, sanded and varnished with a sort of red-tinged finish that holds still the scent of lilly of the valley. The metal that makes up the pommel and guard look to be made up of something that, while it shimmers like silver, it has the rigidity and strength and preservation of Chromium. In the pommel sets a single gem that, while it looks like a blue moonstone with its transparency and slight tinge, this tinge is a frosty white and, if you look at it straight down, this gem makes its cavity look endless with the depths.

Moonglow is what happens when Aheia collects moonlight to Moon's Claw. When she does this at dawn or twilight, the area aorund her in a five mile radius gets darker. During the day, she cannot do this. When the moonlight is collected, the blade that forms has all the flexibility and strength of a metal that cannot break, even in the most stressful of circumstances. Moon's Claw is a rapier sword hilt.

Side Note:
Because of the fractures in the gem on the pommel, Aheia being able to keep the Moonglow active is near impossible. Is it possible that this hindered her fighting capabilities?
The gem has officially been repaired, yet she has yet to use the weapon as it stands now. Maybe hesitant.
Way of the Rapier

Aheia cannot remember much of her past, except for the fact that she was very, very good with fighting with Moon's Claw. As it is a rapier, it only goes in hand that she would have the knowledge to use it. There is just some things that muscle memory will always take over. All the steps, the parries, the stances... she could be considered a master with the fluid way she moves with her one weapon.
The Forgotten

My rescuer, my acquaintance that wants to be rid of me. Oh, much do I owe you, for freeing me from that place. You may not know it now, but it will be a long, long time before you can be rid of me. You protect me now, but in the end it is I who shall defend you when you need it most. Rest, my protector, listen to the songs I sing to the moon each night, dream deep.

Spritely, sassy is Aheia, with an indominable spirit. She also has a selfish love of food. When Apoc first found her, she was very frail and thin with only skin hugging onto bones, mostly. Now she is mostly back to a healthy look, though her ribs are currently still faintly showing, if you manage to get the red blouse off at any point.

Aheia is usually able to be found in a white cloak that, even in the darkest of nights, can easily go unnoticed if she did not wish to be seen. She always has a white flower tucked behind an ear - namely a Star of Bethlehem. The blouse she wears is a deep burgandy with gold hemming and seams. It is made of spider silk. Surprisingly durable, since it has been left untouched by her uncountable years in that cell. Her skirt, on the other hand, had been replaced with black-stained sheep skin.

The only thing that no one can take from Aheia is the headpiece that she had taken from the archdemon's personal rooms: a tiara that rests upon the hair, glowing like sunlight against her more dusky skin.

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Redeeming Light